Chefville Fit for the New Year Goals Healthy Dishes

By | January 4, 2013

Cook healthy dishes in chefville fit for the new year goals ! you only need to look for green leaf symbol next to dishes when you open your salad station, oven and other cooking station.

As you cook dishes, you unlock a total of 3 statues.. one of them is Baby Chick statues. You will find them in your inventory.

Get healthy dishes to your customers to help them with their new year’s resolutions. There’s a special new year’s gift coming for you if you do.

quest 1: Let’s Get Healthy Goal
Cook Healthy Dishes 15 Times

What does the green leaf icon mean?
If you have over 59 Mastery Stars, you will see a green apple icon on some dishes. This means they are “healthy dishes.”

Healthy Dishes not counting towards Let’s get Healthy goal ?
It has been brought to our attention that dishes cooked by users are not counting towards the first goal “Let’s get Healthy” where it asks us to cook 15 Healthy Dishes from the Healthy Cooking Station.
The ChefVille Team was able to fix the issue and all the Healthy Dishes you cook will now count towards goal progress!
Also, make sure that the dishes you’re counting has the “Healthy Cooking” icon! We appreciate your patience and let’s all keep on cooking!

quest 2: Let’s Get Healthier Goal
Cook Healthy Dishes 15 Times

Part 3
Cook 35 Healthy dishes

Golden Chicken gives out 5 eggs with 10 harvests: 50 eggs