Chefville Garlic Oven Goals The Granny Situation

By | December 20, 2012

A timed mission to build a garlic oven in chefville the granny situation goals with 4 parts, get help from friends to unlock new recipes on your garlic oven !
a garlic oven gets the roasted flavor just right, you’ll be able to cook all new recipes that granny – i mean your customers ! – will love !

there are different requirements for each players level to build the garlic oven, for me the materials are :
3 garlic garb
3 garlic crusher
3 roas tating
3 bulb babble

quest 1: good garlic goal
– place and build your garlic oven
– give 4 roses to customers
– cook with garlic 6 times

there’s glitch where if you already completely built the garlic oven and it’s not counting for the quest

The Studio is aware of the problem with the Garlic Stall quest and we appreciate your report.
It has come to our attention that users are having difficulties completing the task that says “Place and Build the Garlic Oven” even if its already placed and built inside the restaurant

quest 2: Chicken and 40 Notes Goal
– Collect 5 Italian Music
– Cook 5 Forty Clove Chickens
– Give 8 Chef’s Services with Forty Clove Chicken

quest 3: No Basta Pasta Goal
– Upgrade Garlic Oven
– Craft 4 Dough
– Serve 4 Garlic Manicotti

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  • Debbie Hertel

    My garlic oven won’t finish even though I have everything checked. It says that I have 13 of 12 Stoking instructions and then there is a blue bar that says label and a gold bar that says label. I can click on both of them but it does nothing. How can place my garlic oven … is there something that I can do to make this thing work??