Chefville Germany’s Best Goals Hofbrau Skillet

By | January 17, 2013

Finish Hans Hofbrau Skillet in these chefville germany’s best goals to unlocks German Meatloaf, Gelbwurst, Cabbage Rolls, Pretzel and The Carter’s Roast recipes !
Minimum Mastery Level: 72 Mastery Stars

missions walkthrough guide :

quest 1: World’s Wursts Goal
– Place and build the Hofbrau Skillet
– Serve 1 German Meatloaf
– Tend 5 Neighbor’s Mom n’ Pop Shops
Rewards: 1 Green Cabbage, 1 Sirloin Beef and 10 XP

Build the butcher’s kiosk to get chuck beef, the uber meat for juicy sausages! Oh, and you should make plenty of pretzels to sop up the goodness.

quest 2: The Ubermeat Goal
– Buy and finish the Butcher’s Kiosk
– Earn 1 Mastery Star for Pretzel
– Tend the Butcher’s Kiosk 4 times
Rewards: 1 Black Pepper, 1 Red Cabbage and 10 XP

hint :
Butcher’s Kiosk Cost: 5,000 Coins
Staff and harvest for 1 Chuck Beef, Limit 3

quest 3: Cabbage Connection Goal
– Buy and finish the Cabbage Patch
– Earn 1 Mastery Star for Gelbwurst
Rewards: 3 Chuck Beef, 3 Green Cabbage and 50 XP

tips :
Cabbage Patch Cost: 4,000 Coins
Randomly drops 1 Red OR 1 Green Cabbage