Chefville Get Comfortable Goals Southern Comfort Food Station

By | January 24, 2013

Finish Cornmeal Crates and Southern Comfort Food Station with Madeline in chefville get comfortable goals ! the timed quests will last for 10 days

In this update you might see some Collard Greens in your restaurant and Southern Comfort Food Station in the marketplace for 4000 coins

missions walkthrough guide :

quest 1: Smother the Chicken Goal
– Place and build the Southern Comfort Food Station
– Cook Smothered Chicken 3 times
– Tend Milk Truck on Neighbor’s board 7 times
Rewards: 4 Cornmeal, 10 XP and 15 Coins


quest 2: Hush Puppy Goal
– Place and build Cornmeal Crates
– Gather 9 Tomatoes
– Have 1 Mastery Star for Hush Puppies
Rewards: 4 Gravies, 10 XP and 15 Coins

quest 3: The Comfort of Gravy Goal
– Get 6 Southern Comfort from friends
– Tend 15 Mushrooms (Neighbor or your restaurant)
– Serve Cornmeal Grits with Gravy 2 times
Rewards: 1 Porch Swing decoration, 10 XP and 15 Coins

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