ChefVille Goals List

By | August 8, 2012

Completing chefville goals not only will give you some bonus like coins, XP, ingredients.. but also it can give you a guide how to play this game feature !

master the world’s cuisines ! complete madeline’s goals and earn trophies !

so start doing the missions on chefville, remember that you can mouse over each task for a helpful hint !

find the new goal on the left side of your screen, sometimes it consist of several parts and it will pop up another goals after you complete.

here are the list of chefville goals :

quest : where’s the beef goal
– expand to the mom n pop shop area
to unlock you must pay 10 coins and earn 1 mastery star

quest : take a deeper look goal
– switch to full screen mode
– click the ground and drag to look around the town (in full screen mode)

To go to Full Screen, adjust your sounds, music or zoom, click the icon on the right side

quest : surface with a smile goal
– have 2 tables
– buy 2 decorations for your restaurant

Buy 1 Table from the Marketplace and two decorations to win prizes!

quest : super speedy service goal
– give 1 chef’s service to customer tables
– earn 30 coins

When your customers think of a dish they want, click the bubble to serve them yourself!

standards of italian cuisine goals
quest : inspired italian goal
– have 1 mastery star to unlock the brick oven
– have 1 brick oven
– cook 1 bruschetta on the brick oven

quest : family style goal
– place 1 decor item to give the kitchen that family feel
– have 1 mastery star for bruschetta
– have 4 mastery stars to show your italian skills

quest : pay a culinary visit goal
– visit madeline’s restaurant
– do 5 actions at madeline’s restaurant
– cook 1 philly cheesesteak on your grill

lactose tolerant goals
quest : the town foodie goal
– gather 2 bread from the bread rack
– get 1 mozzarella from the cheese rack
– buy a brand new bread rack from the marketplace

quest : calcium power goal
– expand to the dairy depot expansion
– move the flour sack to a new spot
– place 2 decorations in the open spot

dairy depot requirements : pay 150 coins + earn 5 mastery stars

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