Chefville Hear the Heart Beets Goals Beet Crates

By | February 5, 2013

Be still my beeting heart ! build beet crates in chefville hear the heart beets goals to cook more valentine’s day dishes with bello !

If he’s going to win madeline over, he better at least cook up something unique…how about some beets, amici ?

missions walkthrough guide :

quest 1: Beets of Love Goal
– place beet crates
– complete beet crates
– harvest beet crates once
Rewards: 1 onion gravy, 2 free range chickens, 10 XP


quest 2: Hear the Heart Beets Goal
– cook 2 grilled steak panini
– ask friends for 5 paper valentines
– have 2 country love pendants for sausage roll
Rewards: 1 sirloin beef, 1 vegetable broth, 1 beet

quest 3: Watch and Learn Goal
– cook 7 veggie kebabs
– have 3 country love pendants for sausage sizzle
– cook 2 beetroot sandwiches