Chefville Holiday Spice Oven Goals

By | December 25, 2012

Tis the seasonings ! Unlock 6 holiday recipes with chefville holiday spice oven
Unlock all 6 recipes to get a spice stnd for more spices, and earn more mastery stars !

Complete these goals to unlock dishes on the holiday spice oven, hurry ! you have a limited time to unlock them !
The Holiday Countdown has begun! Start the Seasoning’s Greetings goal to place your Holiday Spice Oven. Then, unlock dishes on it by completing goals! Click the Clock in the upper left-hand corner for details!

Seasoning’s Greetings Goal :
Buy and Place the Holiday Spice Oven
Cook a Dish on the Holiday Spice Oven
Unlock All Recipes in the Holiday Spice Oven

unlock beef stew with star anise
– collect 6 cinnamon from your friends
– ask your friends to send you 6 anise

unlock blackened crispy chicken
– collect 6 cayenne from your friends
– ask your friends to send you 6 cardamom

Official F.A.Q :
What happens in the Holiday Countdown?
– You get a Holiday Spice Oven but the dishes are locked!
– You can unlock the dishes by completing goals. To access these goals, click on the Countdown Clock on the left. Each goal requires you to collect special Holiday Spices from your friends! As soon as you get enough spices, that dish will become unlocked.
– Go back to the Holiday Spice Oven to cook the unlocked dishes and earn Mastery Stars!

How do I get the Holiday Spice Oven?
– Start the quest: Seasoning’s Greetings! The first task will guide you to place your Holiday Spice Oven.
– The Holiday Spice Oven is available in the Marketplace for 1000 coins.

Why are all the dishes locked on the Holiday Spice Oven?
– Dishes will become available to unlock on certain dates.
– To unlock the dishes, you need to complete different goals.
– Access the goals by clicking the Countdown clock icon in the upper, left-hand side of your screen. Keep coming back – dishes become available to unlock over time.

Can I unlock dishes before the date shown?
No. The dishes will become available for unlocking automatically on the date shown – but not before.

Do I need to unlock the dishes in a certain order?
No. You can unlock them in any order once they become available.

How do I check my progress on the dishes for the Holiday Countdown?
Click the Countdown Clock icon in the upper, left-hand corner of your screen.

How do I unlock the dishes?
– To unlock an available dish, click the “Show Me” button under that dish in the Holiday Countdown Clock dialog box.
– Complete the tasks in the next dialog box, which consist of collecting the special holiday spices.
– Once you have enough holiday spices, the dish will be unlocked and available to cook on your Holiday Spice Oven. Keep asking friends for more spices – you have limited time!

What happens when I unlock all the dishes?
You will receive a Spice Stand so you can get more spices so you can cook more and earn more Mastery Stars!

What happens at the end of the Holiday Countdown?
You only have a limited time to unlock recipes and to collect spices from your friends. At the end of the Countdown, you will not be able to unlock any more recipes or collect special spices from your friends. So hurry – get those spices from your friends to you can unlock the Holiday Spice Oven dishes. When time runs out, you won’t be able to get more spices or unlock dishes!