Chefville Hollywood Glamour Station Catering Order

By | February 20, 2013

Catering in hollywood ! cater new orders to earn exclusive rewards in chefville hollywood catering order

Let’s Do Lunch and place the hollywood glamour station !

quest : Study your Craft Goal
– Get and build the Hollywood Glamour Station
– Start the ‘Caterer to the Stars’ Catering order
Rewards: 2 Avocado, 4 Limes and 100 Coins

if you have problem like this :
“You already have the maximum number of Hollywood Glamour Stations!”
just wait until it get fixed by zynga itself

Pippa’s Hollywood catering order requirements :

Caterer to the Stars
Cook Calzone on the Brick Oven
Serve Philly Cheesesteak from the Grill
Serve Wild Mushroom Salad from the Salad Station
Cook Creamy Broccoli Soup
Serve Chicken Cobb Salad from the Salad Station or English Cheesy Ravioli from the Hollywood Station

Pippa’s Celebrity Banquet
– Tend the Cheese Cellar
– Choose to cook Bruschetta or Cheese Pizza on the Brick Oven
– Cook Tangy Orange Chicken on the Wok
– Serve Mini Cheese Sandwiches from the Party Platter Station

The Community Theatre Dinner
– Collect Theatre Bills
– Serve Orzo Salad from the Hollywood Station
– Choose to cook Pot Stickers or Stir Fry Veggies
– Cook Wonton Soup on the Soup Station
– Serve Cold Cuts Platter from the Party Planner Station

Movie Premiere Madness
– Tend the Flour Stand for Roses
– Serve Fresh Veggie Tray from the Party Platter Station
– Choose to cook Cheesy Stuffed Tomatoes or Quiche Barbara
– Cook Jerk Chicken on the Hollywood Station
– Cook Chicken Parmesan on the Skillet

Feeding Rock’s Rock Band
– Collect Rock Music Sheets
– Cook Grilled Salmon on the Grill
– Serve Roasted Chicken Risotto from the Hollywood Station
– Choose to cook Pesto Chicken or Slider Burgers
– Serve Mornin’ French Toast from the Skillet

A Red Carpet Feast
– Choose to cook Steak Florentine or Foccacia
– Serve Silver Dollar Pancakes from the Griddle
– Serve English Cheesy Ravioli from the Hollywood Station
– Cook Tuna Noodle Casserole on the Oven
– Give Chef’s Service to your customers

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