Chefville How To Get Tuna

By | December 11, 2012

Limit of 20 for salmon and tuna has been increased ! though it’s still hard to get chefville tuna either for sushi quests or new dishes
a lot of player already have a good tips and tricks how to get tuna in chefville, you only need to look them at the official forum 🙂 here are some of them :

TO HAVE MORE TUNA by ladyred99 :
1. find a friend that has a tuna dish
3. go to your kitchen
4. now go back to same friend and click on same dish

tips from Anubis80 :
1. Play on and add people.
2. Visit neighbors but if they only have 1 tuna dish out then you click it and click the “Home” button to go back home and then visit them again. Do this 5 times for better chances of getting tuna.
3. Pay real money to get tuna.
4. Do the UNTIMED sushi mission. It drops 4 giant tuna. Thats 40 pieces of tuna right there.


tuna tricks from cheerybear
I was working on Part 2 of the untimed sushi goal and needed 1 tuna to get my mastery star in Fatty Tuna Nigiri.
Here’s what I did.
I managed to find 2 neighbours who had tuna dishes.
Visited one of them, “ate” the tuna
Went home
Went back to the neighbour, “ate” the tuna
(it regenerates instantly)
Kept going back and forth.
Got nothing from my 5 visits to the first neighbour, except salt.
Then I started on the 2nd neighbour. On the 3rd visit, I got one Tuna.

That was enough to make the one dish I needed. It finished Part 2 and I was rewarded with 1 Giant Tuna which makes 10 tunas when you run it thru the wholesale station.
It’s just enough to finish Part 1 of the Timed Sushi Goal.

Give it a try. No guarantee it will work for you but it’s worth a try.

Once you finish Part 2 of the Untimed goal, you’ll get Slice, Rice and Roll goal – even though it will use 3 of your Tuna, your reward will be another Giant Tuna.

Timelines are tight with only 3 days left on my clock for Part 1 of the timed goal and the Rainbow rolls each take 12 hours so you may need to use some instant time to get on to the 2nd part.
Good Luck.

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  • kae

    what?.. you got 4 giant tuna for finishing the untimed goal?… i already finished that one and it only gave me 1 giant tuna.. :'(