Chefville In The Food For Love Goals Lovin Oven

By | January 22, 2013

Ginger will unlocks the Loving Oven quest in chefville in the food for love goals

The ChefVille game studio is releasing week 2 of Madeline’s Secret Admirer missions, here are the walkthrough guide :

quest 1: The Lovin’ Oven Goal
– Place and build the Lovin’ Oven
– Place and build the Artichoke Stall
– Harvest three Artichoke Hearts from the Artichoke Stall
Rewards: 5 Roasted Artichoke Hearts, 10 XP and 20 Coins

quest 2: Hearts of Stone Goal
– Cook 5 Artichoke Pizza on the Lovin’ Oven
– Harvest 8 Wild Mushrooms from Neighbors’ Restaurants
– Have 4 Pizza Stones
Rewards: 5 Asparagus, 15 XP and 25 Coins

quest 3: Splash of Cold Soup Goal
– Give Chef’s Service 6 times with Chilled Asparagus Soup
– Have 8 Chilled Soup Spoons
– Earn 2 Love Letters on Couples Vegetarian Korma
Rewards: 6 Eggplant, 10 XP and 20 Coins

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