ChefVille It’s All Greek to Me Goals Greek Cooking Station

By | March 2, 2013

Finish greek cooking station in chefville it’s all greek to me goals and let the feasting begin !

you will need these parts to finish :
8 evil eye – post for help
8 golden fleece – ask friends

missions walkthrough guide :

Greek food has been pleasing palates for many years, and with good reason ! expand your culinary horizons with greek cuisine, cherie !

quest 1: a history of taste goal
– Place and build Greek Cooking Station
– Craft Dough 6 times
– Cook 6 Pastitsio
Rewards: 3 dough, 10 XP, 20 coins

Not quite lasagna
Pastitsio is hearty and saucy and delicious… it is similar to the italian lasagna but with a few twist. Oh my, speaking of which, don’t be surprised if bello wants a sample !

Horiatiki is a summery greek salad made of fresh exciting vegetables and feta cheese ! even if it’s not summer, it’s still delicious, cherie !

quest 2: Summertime Greek Goal
– Ask your friends for 8 Flokati rugs
– Craft 4 Greek Yogurt
– Cook 7 Horiatiki
Rewards: 20 XP, mixed greens, feta cheese

quest 3: dolmas winning goal
– Get 8 Vine Leaves
– Earn 3 mastery stars for Dolmas
Rewards: 30 XP, 4 greek yogurt