Chefville Jed-Thai Master Goals

By | February 28, 2013

I have fallen in love with so many of your delicious dishes in chefville jed-thai master goals, mon cherie. Now tantalize my taste buds with a perfect plate of larb !

in these quests you will need to have 2 mastery stars on some thai dishes

missions walkthrough guide :

quest 1: Larb At First Sight Goal
– Ask Neighbors for 7 Spider Strainers
– Have 2 Mastery Stars in Larb
– Chef Serve Panang Curry 10 Times


quest 2: Biryani Brilliance Goal
– Tend the Rice Paddy Planter 12 times
– Have 2 Mastery Stars in Thai Biryani
– Chef Serve Nam Phrik Mushrooms 10 times

quest 3: Yummy Tom Yum Goal
– Tend the Poultry Butcher 8 times
– Have 2 Mastery Stars in Tom Yum
– Tend Thai Garden 12 times