Chefville Lady and the Champ Goals Mystery Crate

By | February 6, 2013

Cook some pasta dishes in chefville lady and the champ goals to get Mystery Crate as rewards !

tips :
Refresh the game if you do not see the crates
Place the Mystery Crate from your inventory into your Restaurant and click on the crate to open it for a surprise!

missions walkthrough guide :

Who needs one plate of pasta when you can have five ? Ha-HA! Show rock a thing or three and make a Bello-sized ammount of noodles !

quest 1: Love Times Five Goal
– Cook 5 Pasta dishes
Rewards: 1 Mystery Crate and 5 XP

what do you get inside mystery crate ?
Item / ingredient drops are random

Show rock how it’s done, my friends, so he can cook piles and piles of pasta for his madeline… that is, if she is his madeline

quest 2: Love Times Ten Goal
– Cook 10 Pasta dishes
Rewards: 2 Mystery Crates and 10 XP

quest 3: Love Times Fifteen Goal
– Cook 15 Pasta dishes
Rewards: 3 Mystery Crates and 15 XP

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