Chefville LG Fridge +5 Tomato Storage

By | December 28, 2012

Have your storage upgrade for tomatos +5 with chefville lg fridge by completing the sidebar quest
how to get lg fridge in chefville ?
you can get this promotional item by clicking LG icon on top right corner of the game under the XP counter
a pop up window will appear, it’s a mini game to fit foods into a refrigerator in 30 seconds
so put in all the foods into the fridge ! if you win, you can see this item inside inventory

get this limited item now !
picture thanks to Oriana Sofia

The LG Fridge expands your tomato storage by +5

this item is huge
Once placed, your tomato storage will increase to 20 individual tomatoes

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  • Basie9

    I only have a poll for 1hr thyme… how do you get the game for the fridge? Is this not released for everyone yet?

  • kris

    can’t get the fridge page to load please advis3

  • Bev RinehartStruble

    I have been trying for 3 days now to get the Lg fridge on chefville. I have the icon, but when i hit on it, all i get is a blank grey screen. i have tried everything to try to get this fridge. what else could be the problem?

  • kris

    I can’ bring up the mini game to get it helo