Chefville Lilac and Relax Goals

By | October 14, 2012

Get more space with chefville lilac and relax goals ! Explore the open fields with ginger to get more space for your restaurant and unlock and outdoor seating table !

there are 4 missions, here are the guide for each requirements :

quest 1: The Nature of Food Goal
Place 5 Plant Decorations
Cook 2 Garden Salads (12 hours)
Tend 10 Neighbors’ Ingredient Stalls

quest 2: The Purple Path Goal
Gather from 10 Ingredient Stalls
Place 20 Stone Grass Tiles
Cook 2 Creamy Broccoli Soup

quest 3: The Power of Flowers Goal
Give 6 Roses to Customers
Get 4 Flower Cards
Serve 2 Caesar Salads

quest 4: Flower Fandom Goal
Expand to the Open Field expansion
Serve 3 Classic Tomato Soup
Gather 15 Mixed Greens from Lilac Bushes