Chefville Luck of the Bello Goals Luck o the Irish Stove

By | March 5, 2013

Finish luck of the irish stove in chefville luck of the bello goals ! and when you get golden shamrocks from doing this quest and cooking certain dishes, it will help you build the lucky rainbow !

to build luck o’ the irish stove you need these parts :
5 st. patty’s stew pots
5 st. patty’s carving knives
5 st. patty’s cutting boards
5 st. patty’s potato peelers
5 st. patty’s hand towels

missions walkthrough :

Bello’s been pretty lucky, but a little more never hurt anybody. Haha! let’s make our own luck by having an authentic irish feast for st. patty’s day !

quest 1: getting lucky goal
– place & complete the luck o the irish stove
– collect 5 eggs
– serve smoked quiche 3 times


Cook irish steak and chips until you’re sure you have it just right. And check in on the competition. There’s only so much luck to go around.

quest 2: beef and bello goal
– tend the mom n pop shop 12 times to get sirloin beef
– eat 10 dishes at you neighbors’ restaurants
– have 3 mastery stars for irish steak and chips

If our feast is going to be truly authentic, we need one truly magnifico irish stew ! do you think you can perfect such a dish ? si ? then get the plates !

quest 3: ireland in a bowl goal
– get 6 st. patty’s plates
– tend wild onions 15 times
– have 3 mastery stars for irish stew