Chefville Milkshakes Goals

By | October 2, 2013

Chefville Milkshakes Goals are here! Build the Gourmet Shake Mixer and start mixing the Salted Caramel Shake and more!
Mix up milkshakes to earn mastery stars and sweet rewards ! The goals are timed and will be released multiple times:

chefville milkshake mania goals
quest 1: Milkshake Mania 1 of 3
– Place the Milkshake Statue
– Place and Complete the Gourmet Shake Mixer
– Click the Drinks Sign
Rewards: 2 Milk,1 Shake Secret, 100 Coins

quest 2: Milkshake Mania 2 of 3
– Have Milkshake Glasses
– Place and Complete the Marshmallow Tree
– Mix Salted Caramel Shakes
Rewards: 2 Marshmallow,1 Shake Secret, 150 Coins

quest 3: Milkshake Mania 3 of 3
– Have Gourmet Shake Menus
– Harvest your Marshmallow Tree
– Have Mastery Stars for the Birthday Cake Shake
Rewards: 1 One-Hour Thyme, 1 Shake Secret, 200 Coins

Chefville just released the new Milkshakes feature! This is the time to prove that your milkshake is better than the other Chefs’
Just like the previous drinks feature, the drinks will be served directly to the customers without a need for a counter. There will be 4 quest lines per week with a total of 12 quests per week.