Chefville Money Tree Goal American Express

By | January 25, 2013

Want to get a free cash ? then start chefville american express goal ! with chefville money tree you can harvest the tree up to 5 times and get 1 Chef Cash each time. You can only harvest once every 24 hours !

This limited time offer is for U.S. only
Only available if you have not signed up for a Amex Serve card in another game.
If you are a U.S. player and have placed the tree but then logs in another country afterwards, you’ll have to wait until you get back to finish the goals.

quest : The Chef Cash Tree Goal
– Place the Money Tree
– Harvest the Money Tree 5 times
Rewards: 1 +3 Energy Pack, 1 Lettuce and 20 Coins


more explanation from the official forum :
– Offers available through April 15, 2013. See full offer terms at MoneyPak® purchase fees of up to $4.95 may apply. Cash advance fees for credit card loads may apply; check with your card issuer for details.
– Earn 250 Chef Cash when you sign up for the Zynga Serve Rewards Prepaid Card (no monthly fees)
– Earn 25 Chef Cash when you activate your new Card
– Earn 80 Chef Cash after your first 10 purchases using your Card online or offline. Use it virtually anywhere American Express® Cards are accepted worldwide.
– Earn 160 Chef Cash for adding money to your Account for the first time.
– Total = up to 1,235 Chef Cash
The Tree cannot be sold or stored.
After harvesting the tree 5 times, it remain in your restaurant and will drop ingredients instead.

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