Chefville Monster Mash Goals

By | October 10, 2013

Start chefville monster mash goals ! raise monsters from tombstones ! use monster ingredients to cook special dishes ! serve your customers and watch them turn into monsters !
Each monster can be harvested (or foraged for) a certain ingredient (zombie juice, vampire essence, etc. ) a certain number of times, depending on which monster. Once complete, the monster and the tombstone vanish in flames.

chefville a monster’s kitchen goals
quest 1: A Monster’s Kitchen 1 of 3
– Complete your Cursed Cauldron
– Summon a Skeleton
– Cook Bare Bones Soup
Rewards: 1 Salt, 10 XP, 50 Coins

quest 2: A Monster’s Kitchen 2 of 3
– Have Tattered Shirt
– Place Your Frankenstein’s Lab
– Turn Customers into Skeletons
Rewards: 2 Pumpkin,15 XP, 75 Coins

quest 3: A Monster’s Kitchen 3 of 3
– Have Cracked Skull
– Harvest your Skeleton Tombstone
– Have Mastery Stars for Bare Bones Soup
Rewards: Unlocked Vampire Tombstone, 25 XP, 125 Coins


Chefville Monsters Take Over
Have Mastery Stars on your Cursed Cauldron
Collect some Bony Fingers
Rewards: 1 All Thyme, 1 Haunted Medallion, 100 Coins

How many monsters can we place in chefville restaurant ?
Tombstone releases one of 6 monsters :
– werewolf
– witch
– skeleton
– vampire
– mummy
– zombie
You are given 4 at the start and can unlock 2 more based on recipe mastery

Is it true that if we serve dishes from the Cauldron it’ll turn our customers into monsters?
Yes. This is actually depends on which recipe and its ingredients

For example:
1. Zombie: Can be harvested for zombie juice
2. Zombie juice will be an ingredient in a cauldron recipe “Zombie stew” which has 1 monster-specific ingredient and some other regular ingredients
3. Once zombie stew is served, customers who eat is will turn into zombies (clothing + image), with a little bit of animation.