Chefville New Year New Sauce Goals Balsamic Stand

By | January 5, 2013

Get Balsamic Vinaigrette in supplies part in market or ask for it, completing New Year’s goals, and collect from the new balsamic stand in chefville new year new sauce goals !

build Balsamic Crates in these quest with Bello !

walkthrough guide :

quest 1: Stand for Balsamic Goal
– Place Balsamic Stand
– Finish Building your Balsamic Stand
– Tend your Balsamic Stand 1 Time

If you placed your Balsamic Stand before starting the “Stand Up for Balsamic!” goals, you can get another Balsamic Stand from the Marketplace to complete the goal !

quest 2: The Grapes of Health Goal
– Ask friends for Bunches of Grapes
– Give Chef’s Service with Garden Salad 12 times
– Cook 2 Spicy Beef Salads on the Healthy Eating Station

quest 3: Balsamic Varieties Goal
– Cook with Balsamic 6 times
– Cook 9 times with Romaine Lettuce
– Serve 8 Veggie Kebabs from the Grill

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