Chefville Omelette Station Goals Eggs ala Bello

By | December 28, 2012

Get your omelette station to cook breakfast and earn more mastery stars in chefville eggs ala bello goals
Start the “Bello’s Cracked Up” goals to start the Omelette Station! You’ll also get Egg Crates to give you more eggs to cook all the new dishes on the Omelette Station.

missions walkthrough guide :

quest 1: the omelette station goal
– Place and Finish Your Omelette Station
– Place and Finish the Egg Crate
– Harvest the Egg Crate

get help from friends to unlock new recipes on your omelette station !

to build omelette cooking station :
6 omelette frying pans (ask)
7 egg strainers (ask)
6 egg whiskers (post)
7 omelette turners (post)

Egg crate need 5 Corrugated Papers (post)

quest 2:
– craft poached eggs 6 times
– ask for 8 egg frying pans
– serve poached eggs caprese 3 times

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