ChefVille On Facebook

By | July 10, 2012

A new restaurant food game from zynga : chefville on facebook ! what about cafe world ? will it got replaced ?

question from cafe world players :
I saw that Zynga is developing ChefVille, what’s going to happen to Café World? Is Zynga going to shut it down?
Your beloved Café world not going anywhere and it is only going to get better! The team wants you to know they are dedicated to hearing your continued feedback and we’ve been sending it to them daily!

In ChefVille, discover a mouth-watering world of food where you craft delicious recipes and go beyond the restaurant to create your own culinary adventure!

Bring the country to your cozy kitchen with our Country Decor!

well, i think the design is more like dinner dash ? you can see the trailer below and find some feature in this game like :
find the freshest ingredients from around your cafe (tree, crops)
craft the most delectable recipes (collect ingredients and make the food in pasta maker, brick oven, oven, wok)
gather your friends to work with you (there’s still energy used in here, and you can share ingredients)
food mastery level and real recipe unlocked ?
offer vip service to customers
earn rave reviews

like the chefville facebook fan page :

to watch the trailer, news, sneak peeks and to get ready for its grand opening, launching right around the corner

here’s some greet from JK – ChefVille General Manager on cafe world forum :
“Valued Restaurateurs,
You are our VIP Chefs, so we wanted you to be among the first to know about the ChefVille Grand Opening, Zynga’s next culinary adventure.

ChefVille will provide a completely new and different gourmet experience – presenting a hands-on world of food where being a chef means harvesting the freshest ingredients, discovering local suppliers and creating the perfect ambiance for your customers and friends in your very own restaurant.

You’ll even be able to unlock real world recipes to try out at home!

We know how much you love Café World, we do too, so keep playing but we hope you’ll enjoy our new cooking game as well. Your beloved Café World is only going to get better, and the Café team wants you to know they are dedicated to hearing your continued feedback.”

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