Chefville Pans on Fire Goals Flambe Station

By | February 23, 2013

Time to flambe ! Place your flambe station and start chefville pans on fire goals learning a new technique !

to finish your flambe station you’ll need these parts :
7 flaming agents
7 flambe pans

missions walkthrough :

I want to study the chemical changes when you flambe food, but, um, my doctor says i can’t play with fire. Not after last time.

quest 1: the fires of flavor goal
– place and build your flambe station
– tend cheese rack 6 times
– cook 4 queso flameado
rewards : 3 mozzarella, 10 xp, 20 coins

It’s fun to flambe, but we should always remember basic safety. Non-flammable cooking tools and lots of communication with the neighbors. Let’s go !

quest 2: test for fire goal
– collect 6 non flammable measuring cups
– visit neighbor’s restaurants 5 times
– cook 6 crepes suzette
rewards : 2 dough, 20 xp, 4 flour

Here’s a recipe i need data for. As for techniques, let’s ask your friends about lighting fires. For science, you see ! it’s legit

quest 3: door to door safety goal
– tend clove tree 8 times
– ask for 8 pyrotechniques
– earn 2 mastery stars for peppercorn beef flambe