Chefville Pippa Healthy Catering Order

By | January 26, 2013

New Year, New catering ! Cater with healthy cooking in chefville pippa healthy catering order to earn exclusive rewards !

invite your friends to help with these catering orders requirements :

Order 1 : yoga with pippa
Collect 6 Yoga Mats for the party
Cook 5 Popcorn Chicken (Party Platter Station) or Grilled Salmon
Serve 15 Chilly Gazpacho (Soup Station)
Cook 7 Garden Salad (Salad Station)
Cook 7 any healthy dish on the salad station
gold reward : Fruit Window (Watermelon design) and 3 Instant Thyme

Order 2
Collect Water for the trek
Cook Balsamic Salad (NY Station) or Cold Cuts Platter (Party Platter Station)
Cook Wild Onion Bisque (Soup Station)
Cook any Healthy Cooking dishes on the Soup Station (Soup Station)
Serve Macaroni Salad (Salad Station)
gold reward : Fruit Topiary (Watermelon design) and 10 One-hour Thyme

Order 3
Cook Stir Fry Veggies (Wok Station)
Cook Steam Broccoli (NY Station) or Turkey Panini (Sandwich Station)
Cook Veggie Dip (Dip Station)
Serve Southern Dumplings (Soup Station)
Collect Flyers for the Fundraiser
gold reward : Tall Fruit Lamp (Watermelon design) and 3 Instant Thyme

Order 4
Cook Tomato Mushroom Tart (Veggimatic)
Cook Quiche Barbara (Broiler)
Serve Angel Hair Pasta with Pesto (Skillet)
Cook Meat Lover’s Pizza (Party Platter Station)
Visit Neighbors to ask them to join the test run!
gold reward : 1 Apple Tree and 10 One-hour Thyme

Order 5 :
Cook Pho Noodle Soup (Soup Station)
Cook Fresh Veggie Tray (Party Platter Station)
Cook Southwestern Omelette (Griddle)
Cook on the Skillet Station (Skillet Station)
Collect Brown Paper Lunch Bags
gold reward : Counter (Watermelon design) and 3 Instant Thyme

Order 6
Cook Chicken Cobb Salad or Springtime Spring Rolls
Serve Cheddar Omelette (Griddle)
Cook Slider Burgers (Skillet)
Cook any Healthy Cooking dishes on the Oven Station
Visit Neighbors to tell them about the party!
gold reward : 1 Fountain (Watermelon design) and 15 One-hour Thyme

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