Chefville Rapid Rosemary Goals

By | December 5, 2012

Complete your rapid rosemary crate in chefville rapid rosemary goals to clears counters instantly !

Colby will guide you with these quests. Double your coin pay-out, clear counters instantly, and earn a pasta maker ! You will need at least 9 Mastery Stars to participate.

i discovered a spice that lets you clear a counter before you run out of servings, it’s the ultimate way to keep your menu fresh and cutting edge !

quest 1: Make Room for Dishes Goal
– Place the Rapid Rosemary Crates
– Complete Rapid Rosemary Crates
– Tend the Rapid Rosemary Crates 1 time
Rewards: 2 Asparagus, 5 XP and 15 Coins

collect 7 herb pots and 7 watering cans

clear out an old dish on a counter and serve something fresher. calzones are the new hot thing. it’s all about that trendy crescent shape.

quest 2: Crusts are In Right Now Goal
– Get 8 Herb Baskets from friends
– Serve 4 Calzones from the Brick Oven
– Use 1 Rapid Rosemary
Rewards: 2 Eggs, 10 XP and 15 Coins

use rapid rosemary to clear counter instantly !
clear counter and receive double coins !

i need healthy food ! i mean, not that your calzones are unhealthy but, you know, they aren’t really the most healthy. make room for veggies instead !

quest 3: Salad Days Goal
– Cook 8 times with Salt
– Craft Ranch Dressing 5 times
– Cook 7 Caprese Salads on the Salad Station
Rewards: 1 one-hour Thyme, 10 XP and 15 Coins

i’ll take a bite of anything you’ve got. food, i mean ! and anytime you want to use some of that rosemary, it’ll be just fine with me. mmm.

quest 4: Flavor Facade Goal
– Cook 3 Meatball Sandwiches on the Grill
– Complete 5 neighbor visits
– Give 15 Chef’s Services
Rewards: 1 Pasta Maker, 10XP and 15 Coins