Chefville Sauce For Celebration Goals Chinese Sauce Station

By | January 31, 2013

Build chinese sauce station with Madeline for the chinese new year in chefville sauce for celebration goals

Black bean sauce is a staple of chinese cuisine. To master it, you’ll need plenty of fresh black beans. Do not worry. I, how-you-say, know a guy

missions walkthrough guide :

quest 1: The Sauce Station Goal
– Place and build your Chinese Sauce Station
– Have a Black Bean Crate
– Craft 3 Black Bean Sauce
Rewards: 2 Duck, 2 Black Beans and 10 XP

quest 2: The Wisdom of Wok Goal
– Have 8 Wok Advice
– Earn 1 Mastery Star in Chinese Hot Pot
– Serve 1 Garden Salad
Rewards: 2 Free Range Chicken, 20 XP and 30 Coins

quest 3: Duck Sauce Goal
– Serve 2 Peking Duck
– Craft 5 Tomato Sauce
– Cook 3 Chinese Hot Pot
Rewards: 1 Panda Doll decoration, 2 Black Bean Sauce and 30 XP