Chefville Sauce Man Goals Tomato Sauce

By | February 16, 2013

Help bellow to cook a lot of dishes with tomato sauce in chefville sauce man goals at your restaurant !

Tomato sauce runs through my veins ! figuratively, my friend, not literally. Show colby how to use the sauce for good and not evil !

quest 1: use your sauce goal
– cook with tomato sauce 5 times
reward : reward : 1 Mystery Crates and 5 XP


Cook with the sauce again ! i hope colby is paying attention this time. He’s such a nice guy, and such a bad cook. Ha-HA!

quest 2: repeat performance goal
– cook with tomato sauce 10 times
reward : 2 Mystery Crates and 10 XP

okay, my amici, take pains to properly handle the sauce so our little friend here does not get confused while wooing madeline with tasty dishes !

quest 3: sauce once more goal
– cook with tomato sauce 15 times
reward : 3 Mystery Crates and 15 XP