Chefville Saucy Shellfish Goals Oyster Dipping Sauce Station

By | February 11, 2013

Make dishes with oyster dipping sauce station in chefville saucy shellfish goals ! madeline will guide you with these quests and unlock new recipes 🙂

Aw shucks ! oysterys are here ! missions walkthrough :

mignonette sauce goes with oysters like, well, like oysters go with the sea ! can you perfect the sauce, my little pastille ?

quest 1: Shells and Sauce Goal
– Place and complete the Oyster Dipping Sauce Station
– Cook 2 times with Salt
– Tend 7 Wild Onions from wild onion bunches
Rewards: 1 Vinegar, 2 Mushrooms and 10 Coins

parts to collect :
4 glass bowl
6 porcelain ramekins
4 whisk wish

The ingredients for great sauce are growing right now. Out there, in your garden, my little pastry ! pick the best, and well get saucing again.

quest 2: Pick a Perfect Sauce Goal
– Harvest 8 Wild Mushrooms from Wild Mushroom Bunches
– Craft 3 Mignonette Sauce
– Collect 6 more Mixed Greens
Rewards: 2 Beef, 1 Chicken and 10 Coins

Make your oysters pop with a dash of your homemade hot sauce ! but don’t forget to perfect your whisk technique. Perhaps your friends can share wisdom ?

quest 3: Hot Oyster Action Goal
– Craft 3 Hot Sauce
– Tend 6 Neighbors’ Bread Racks
– Collect 5 Pearls of Wisdom
Rewards: 1 Lemon Tree, 3 Oysters and 3 Garlic