Chefville The Best of Sushi Goals

By | January 8, 2013

3 days to finish chefville the best of sushi goals, and it requires a lot of salt 😐

Honor the creators of sushi by making beautiful sushi rolls and admiring the majesty of the japan lantern !

missions walkthrough guide :

quest 1: pride of japan goal
– Give 8 Chef’s Service with Oshi Sushi
– Earn 2 Mastery Stars on Spicy Tuna Roll
– Ask for 10 Japanese Lanterns

quest 2: give em the goods goal
– Earn 2 Mastery Stars on Dragon Roll
– Tend 8 neighbors Wild onion
– Give 10 VIP Service

quest 3: sushi finale goal
– Cook 7 times with Sushi Roll
– Earn 2 Mastery Stars on Shrimp Tempura
– Craft 8 Wasabi on the rinser
rewards : 1 Japanese Gate, 3 Giant Tuna and 2 Instant Spice

Oriana Sofia just did the math on hours now lets make it on salt

1 oshi = 60 salt
7 spicy tuna = 45*7 = 315
6 dragon roll = 45*6 = 300
7 times cook = 7*30 = 210
3 times tempura = 6*3 = 18
so we have 315 + 300 + 210 + 18 = 843 salts so you need visit 281 neighbors every single day to do this

new recipes :
Shrimp Nigiri – 1 minute
3 jumbo shrimp 3 sushi rice

Tuna Sashimi – 2 minutes
4 tuna 2 wasabi 2 wild onion

Dragon Roll – 1 hour
4 salmon 3 wasabi 3 sushi roll

Spicy Tuna Roll – 6 hours
3 tuna 2 wasabi 3 sushi roll

Shrimp Tempura – 12 hours
2 jumbo shrimp 3 sushi rice 4 flour

Oshi Sushi – 12 hours
5 salmon 4 sushi roll 1 soy sauce

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  • tiinas

    I don’t think those calculations on salt are accurate…

  • Jessica

    Just a note if your friends have a dragon roll on their counters go back over and over with your 5 energy and “eat it” it gives 1 sushi roll. This will save you 5 salt each time you get one, speaking of which your salt math is wrong. WAY wrong. You counted each roll as 15 salt, it is only 5.
    Here is correct. 1 oshi = 20, 7 spicy tuna would be 35, 6 dragon roll would be 30, shrimp tempura would be 18 (got that one right), and cook with sushi roll 7 times is a minimum of 35 however I THINK you need at least 2 for each dish (station currently busy can’t check) resulting in 70.
    SO 138 if you only need 1 roll for the 7 cooks and 173 if you need 2 rolls for them. That isn’t a fraction of what you have.

  • ChameleonSkin

    Salt calculations are definitely incorrect. Each sushi roll takes five salt, so the calculations above are 3x too high. The real requirement then is 281 salt total, which is a lot but still doable if you have a relatively high number of neighbors (you need a minimum of 57 neighbors).

    You might want to update your post accordingly.

  • phil

    regardless of what the correct salt number is, this challenge is kind of ridiculous ! I play chefville numerous times daily and have well over a hundred neighbours and even i felt like i got swap with difficult time consuming tasks since the start of the new year, almost to much to handle!

  • kim

    im a daily player and yet it’s still impossible to finish the goal within 3 days..shrimp tempura requires 12 hours to finish and the goal is asking for 2 mastery’s just too impossible!

  • Clare

    This quest is not possible from a time standpoint at the least, even cooking continuously, non-stop, which I pretty much do. If you have a life, forget it.

    The salt counts are not correct to my figures but they take way too much and Zynga doesn’t seem to factor in the time it takes to gather all the ingredients and energy for each cooking.

    For part 2 with the Dragon Rolls, we have to cook them 9 times. Each time it takes 3 sushi rolls so that is 27 sushi rolls. The rolls alone is 27 salt. Each roll takes 2 rice which is another 4 salt. So that’s 108 salt for the rice + 27 for the rolls so a total of 135 salt.

    Cooking time is 9 hours. Plus a few hours gathering ingredients, altho I try to do that while I have one cooking so I always have the next one ready to cook.

    Part 3 is simple enough but the cooking is 36 hrs alone! Part 1 was 54 hrs of cooking time. In total about a 100 hrs just cooking time alone. Apparently they think we do not sleep or do anything else.

    What they really are trying to do is make us spend real money on spices. Apparently they don’t know that people are really suffering in this economy and don’t have the money to spend to cook fake food. I know I’d rather use it to put real food on my table.