ChefVille The Halloween Ball Goals

By | October 17, 2012

Help Ginger win the Costume Ball in chefville the halloween ball goals and get Limited Edition decorations, and see all of your customers dressed up for Halloween!

something spooky ! colby says he didn’t build this broiler.. but if he didn’t build it, where did it come from ? oh well, let’s use it anyway

missions walkthrough :

quest 1: The Haunted Broiler Goal
– get 4 pumpkin spice from your friends
– place the haunted broiler in your restaurant
– cook 3 monster pumpkin soup on the haunted cauldron

quest 2: The New Ghoul Goal
– Get 10 Invitations to the Costume Ball
– Visit 10 neighbors to see their spooky decor
– Earn 8 Spooky Halloween Ribbons to unlock Tombstone decor

quest 3: Party Flavors Goal
– Cook 4 Pumpkin Waffles on the Haunted Broiler
– Serve 8 Creepy Crepes from the Haunted Broiler
– Give 9 Chef’s Services with Pumpkin Bread Pudding


quest 4: Undead Uniform Goal
– Get 6 Halloween Favors from your friends
– Dress up your Avatar for Halloween
– Earn 18 Spooky Halloween Ribbons

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