Chefville The Undead Chef Goals

By | October 25, 2012

Help madeline solve a mystery to get a mausoleum in chefville the undead chef goals !

this time you need to upgrade the haunted cauldron and haunted broiler

missions requirements guide for each quests :

quest 1 : New Haunt Goal
Upgrade Haunted Broiler to Level 2
Have 2 Spooky Halloween Ribbons for Pumpkin Waffles
Give 7 Chef’s Services with Creepy Crepes
Rewards: 5 XP, 120 Coins

quest 2 : The Note Goal
Collect 5 Cobwebs to catch clues!
Serve 6 Pumpkin Bread Sandwiches from the Haunted Broiler.
Cook 3 Meatball Sandwiches on the Grill
Rewards: 10 XP, 100 Coins, 2 Corn

quest 3 : Going Batty Goal
Cook 4 Buffalo Bat Wings on the Haunted Broiler
Cook 2 Pumpkin Casserole on the Haunted Broiler
Give 7 Chef’s Services with Beef and Pumpkin Chili
Rewards: 10 XP, 125 Coins

quest 4 : Ghost with the Most Goal
Collect 13 Clues to the Halloween Mystery
Visit 13 neighbors’ restaurants
Cook 13 Beef and Pumpkin Chili on the Haunted Cauldron
Rewards 20 XP, 125 Coins

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