Chefville The Winter Feast Begins Goals

By | December 12, 2012

Get some new christmas theme rewards with the newest quest : chefville the winter feast begins goals ! also start collect ribbons 🙂
The holidays deserve cook stations of their very ow, amici! set them up and try a winter meat on for size.. or i can try it for you! Ha-HA !

walkthrough guide :

quest 1: Holiday Equipment Goal
– Place and Build Winter Stovetop
– Place the Winter Oven
– Place 8 Holiday Decorations to winterize your restaurant!
Rewards: Unlocks Elf outfit, Holiday Decoration Item and 10 XP

quest 1: Dancing Sugarplums Goal
– Have 5 Dancing Sugarplums
– Tend 6 neighbors’ Bread Racks
– Cook 5 Winter Meat Pies on the Winter Oven
Rewards: Unlocks Chef Santa Hat, unlocks Spiced Stuffed Apples recipe and 2 Green Beans

quest 3: Do the Green Bean Goal
– Place and build the Green Bean Barrels
– Cook 4 Green Bean Frittata on the Winter Stovetop
– Have 6 Winter Ribbons
Rewards: Unlocks Winter Snowman, 3 Apples, 2 Unsalted Butter and 30 XP

quest 4: Family Feasting Goal
– Serve 2 Green Bean Casseroles from the Winter Oven
– Have 2 Winter Ribbons for Ginger Beef Chinese Takeout
– Have 15 Winter Ribbons to unlock a new Mastery Star
Rewards: 2 Soybeans, 2 Kidney Beans and 1 Tofu

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