Chefville This Calls for Cake Goals Cake Oven

By | February 22, 2013

Become a pastry chef extraordinaire with the cake oven and the absolute best dessert recipes in chefville this calls for cake goals

you will see a new feature : gourmet mastery ! Add special ingredients to your dishes and you will have a chance to earn Gourmet Cook Points. When you have collected enough Gourmet Cook points, you will earn Gourmet Mastery on a dessert

Welcome to desserts !
1. bake cakes with a special touch to turn them into gourmet desserts
2. add more gourmet ingredients to increase your chances for a gourmet dessert
3. cook several gourmet desserts to achieve gourmet mastery !

missions walkthrough guide :

First, you need a place to make the cakes, my little crepe, and create some buzz about your new desserts !

quest 1: An Intro to Cake Goal
– Place and build the Cake Oven
– Place the Cake Display Case
– Visit 5 Neighbors
Rewards: Unlocks Cake Batter on the Mixer, 4 Eggs and 4 Milk

Once you have Gourmet Mastery on a dessert, click on your Cake Display Case to view details of your Gourmet Mastery desserts and you will see a gift box in the Display Case. When you have Gourmet Mastered all 11 desserts, the boxes will transform into cakes !

Cherie, before we gourmet-ify you, make a traditional angel food cake… it should be light and fluffy and oh-so-delicious !

quest 2: Light n’ Fluffy Goal
– Have a Completed Egg Crate (You can buy an Egg Crate in the Marketplace!)
– Collect 7 Dessert Forks
– Bake 4 Angel Food Cake on the Cake Oven
Rewards: 4 Unsalted Butter, 2 Apples and 20 XP

Use those lemons to up your chances of preparing a gourmet cake ! you do want to be a gourmet, oui ? but of course you do !

quest 3: Gourmet Gateau Goal
– Tend a Lemon Tree 2 times
– Bake with 2 Lemons on Angel Food Cake (Add Lemons to your Angel Food Cake for a chance to get a Gourmet Cook!)
– Earn Gourmet Mastery for Angel Food Cake (Collect Gourmet Cook points to earn Gourmet Mastery)
Rewards: 4 Oranges, 2 Carrots and 50 Coins