Chefville Tuna Boat Goals

By | December 11, 2012

Have you meet pike from Seafaring Stranger ? because i think he will guide us with chefville tuna boat goals soon !

there will be 4 missions associated with tuna boat, and with this item you can get tuna easily !

walkthrough guide :

quest 1: enter salmon
Serve 5 grilled salmon grilling
have 3 stars for salmon pesto
have 275 stars

quest 2: new round of wok
Improve your wok to expert
have 3 stars for the fried rice with pineapple
Prepare 6 plates bittersweet vegan wok

quest 3: the city of tuna
Eat 5 tuna dishes in neighbor
6 Prepare pasta with tuna casseroles in the oven
Improve your stove intermediate

quest 4: dragnet
maintain 8 times romantic ponds for your neighbors
have two canvases control for fish tacos
Ask 8 shacks marine


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