Chefville Unpack a Potato Goals Irish Potato Crate

By | March 7, 2013

Build the irish potato crate in chefville unpack a potato goals so you can harvest irish potato !

it took a lot of work to collect the stuff for the irish potato crate and it will give 16 potatoes!
8 harvest, it gives two potatoes at each harvest
it’s much easier to ask for potatoes from friends than to get all this stuff together 😐

missions walkthrough guide :

quest 1: This Spud’s For You Goal
– Have an Irish Potato
– Tend the Irish Potato Crate 6 times
– Have 3 Mastery Stars for Smoked Quiche

quest 2: Baked Potatoes Goal
– Serve irish Stew 3 times
– Tend Neighbor’s Flour Sacks 8 times
– Chef Serve Potato Bread 10 times

quest 3: Potatoes and Pints Goal
– Get 6 St. Patty’s Pint Glasses
– Collect 15 Mixed Greens
– Have 3 Mastery Stars in Colcannon