Chefville Winter Feast Chef’s Table Goals Feasting on Friendship

By | December 18, 2012

Start chefville feasting on friendship goals to start finishing winter feast chefs table because this item can hold 6 customers !

a christmas table to celebrate with your friends in your restaurant ! unwrap the winter feast chef’s table with 3 energy and collect materials :
4 Floral Fanfare
4 Crystal Candlesticks

2 parts of the missions :

quest 1: A Neighborly Feast Goal
– Place and build the the Winter Feast Chef’s Table
– Give 5 Chef’s Service with Focaccia
– Cook 6 dishes with Salt
Rewards: 2 Apples, 2 Vinegar and 1 Mayonnaise


quest 2: Light Feasting Goal
– Start a dinner at your Winter Feast Chef’s Table
– Eat 5 dishes at your neighbors to build up an appetite for your feast
– Serve 2 Garden Salads on the Salad Station
Rewards: Unlocks Snowflake wall decoration, 2 Broccoli and 1 Mayonnaise