Chinchilla FarmVille

By | May 24, 2010

Chinchilla FarmVille ! new animal on farmville, chinchilla 🙂

farmville chinchilla

this time the animal updated is not only for chinchilla on treasure isle, now you can find this animal on farmville too

how to get chinchilla on farmville ?
you can get chinchilla from mystery gift box that was send by your friends 😀 yes the mystery gifts content was updated, so if you lucky you can get this cute animal.

what do you harvest from chinchilla in farmville ?
you can brushed chinchilla every 4 days for 60 coins, you can sell chinchilla for 60 coins.

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  • jenn tirone

    how do u get the guinea pig? i’ve seen it once
    and i would love to see sum ferrets. love the game thsnks