City Port Cityville

By | April 7, 2011

City Port Cityville is is a 4×8 sized community building that used to dock the Little Liner cruise ship in your city. It does not increase your storage capacity like piers do.

cityville city port – “They pay out lots of coins and bring tourists who speed up businesses! Complete the Unlock Cruise Ship goal to get cruisin’!”

how to place city port in cityville ?
You must put it like the shipping port where it must be placed on water for cruise ships. When choosing a place to build it, keep in mind the port needs a 4×8 area to build in. The placement grid only shows a 4×4 area however, completing the port increases its size to 4×8.

city port placement in cityville

It is free from the quest window, needs to be placed along the shoreline similar to how piers are, costs 7 energy to build, and the player needs to ask friends for the following items:
8x Deck Chair
8x Sunglasses
8x Visor
2x 2×4
2x Whistle

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