Cityville A Deep Impact Goal Meteor Crash Site Links

By | August 5, 2012

It Came from Outer Space! Start cityville a deep impact goal because it’s time to give your city’s science centers a real treat and expand to the Meteor Crash Site!

Did you see that ball of fire streaking across the sky!? It sounded like it landed nearby! Let’s go investigate!

Imagine the impact on science of this discovery! Let’s expand to the Meteor Crash Site and see what we find!

mission requirements :
– Expand to the Meteor Crash Site : The Crash Site has a chance to drop rocket fuel, star fuel, and sun fuel, and allows 2000 population!
– Collect Shooting Stars : Make a wish!
– Send Your Space Shuttle to Jupiter : Where no man has gone…recently!

Meteor Crash Site material links :
mars-dust moon-dust coal-gloves coal-helmet sun-shades
mars dust link – moon dust link – coal gloves link – coal helmet link – sun shades link

You have secured the meteorite for further testing! Maybe someone out there is trying to send you a message!

{cityname} is marveling at the sight of a Meteor Crash!
{user,name} has worked up quite a sweat taking the meteorite back to their lab for testing. After this, they could use a long, hot meteor shower.