Cityville A Model Citizen Goals Supermodel Mansion Links

By | April 21, 2012

Build Supermodel Mansion in cityville a model citizen goals! Help Bella move into her new Downtown Supermodel Mansion and get an early jump for the big fashion show!

there are 3 quest and here are the missions requirements guide :

GOAL: A Model Citizen
Expand to the Supermodel Mansion

GOAL: Sitting Pretty
Place & Complete the Supermodel Mansion
Collect from Trucks (20)
Collect from Cars (35)

supermodel mansion material links :
high-rise-window-link claw-hammer-link carpet-roll-link concrete-sign-link sprinkler-system-link
High Rise Window link – claw hammer link – carpet roll link – concrete sign link – sprinkler system link

GOAL: Increase Population
Increase your population to early unlock the Couture Convention Center (500)


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