Cityville Best In Show Mission

By | October 1, 2011

Get Groomed For The Pet Show! Make it your goal to win the CityVille Pet Show today! Finish cityville best in show mission faster for better rewards!

Ruth is Having a Pet Show! Help Ruth make her show a success!

Pet Show timed quest requirements :
– Get 12 Shampoos (wall post; give 1/get 1)
– Collect 12 times from any zoo enclosure (or zoo habitat)
– Collect 12 ships from Dubai (12 hours ship)

if you’re confuse what is zoo enclosure in cityville and where to find it
A zoo enclosure is any of the zoo habitats. (jungle, savannah, mountain, arctic)

Gold (24 hours from start)
– Poodle Statue decoration
– 10,000 coins
– 3,000 goods

– 2,300 coins
– 1,200 goods

– 1,200 goods


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