Cityville Bonus Round Goals Natural Wonder Gem Links

By | August 13, 2012

Build Natural Wonders start in cityville bonus round goals with gem! Bring Natural Wonder to your city so you can receive unique, powerful bonuses from each one!


quest walkthrough guide :

mission 1 : bonus round goal
Ask friends for Wonderful Maps : You’re headed in the right direction
Place your first Natural Wonder : Complete A Wonder To Level 1 To Place It
Build Natural Wonder themed buildings : Collect from wonder themed buildings to earn gems

natural wonders gem material links :
pearl emerald sapphire
pearl link – emerald link – sapphire link

ruby diamond alexandrite
ruby link – diamond link – alexandrite link

mission 2 : you’re a natural goal
Ask friends for Wonderful Boots : These boots are made for walking
Completely upgrade 1 Natural Wonder : You’re doing a wonderful job
Collect from Natural Wonders Buildings : We’re building to a climax

mission 3 : pack it in goal
Collect Wonderful Backpacks : Collect them by harvesting crops
Completely Build & Upgrade all 4 Available Natural Wonders : Fantastic four
Activate Natural Wonders 20 times : Bonuses, here we come

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