Cityville Break The Ice Timed Mission

By | November 23, 2011

Snowball Fight! Take aim and shoot the snowballs ! help stumpords family with the neighbors in cityville break the ice mission where they can have Snowball Fight in your city!

Finish timed quest faster for better rewards!

requirements for this task are :
– Collect Rent from 50 Neighbor Residences
– Gather 14 Snowballs
– Ask for 16 Mittens (wall post request)

reward for this timed goal is snow fort

tips how to get snowballs in cityville :
try find snowball from rent collections on your city

gold reward (48 hours)
– snowball fort decoration
– 10,000 coins

silver reward
– 5,000 coins
– 5 energy

bronze reward
– 5000 coins

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