Cityville Bullet Train Goal

By | May 28, 2011

Cityville Bullet Train Goal ! All aboard! Help get Choo Choo Charlie back on track and unlock the Cargo Shed! Start this limited time goal today!


I Have A Major Storage Shortage! Summer is around the bend and I’ve got to get my trains rolling. I need your help now!

Get the Goods by midnight on Tuesday May 31st, here are the bullet train quest requirements :
– Harvest 75 Watermelon
– Send 8 Trains
– Ask friends for 20 Palettes

you need to request palette by posting on your wall :
xxx needs Palettes to help Charlie gather Goods!
Engineer Charlie’s has a serious storage shortage and xxx is helping him get the Goods on time. Send one and you’ll get one too!

Choo Choo Charlie says :
Time’s a wastin’! I have freight trains on track to leave the station now! Reward: Cargo Shed

I have enough goods to keep my trains chugging all Summer. Will your friends be on time?

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  • Ruby

    To whome it may concern,
    I was wondering about this goal because i haven’t received it and my friends has had this goal since May and they received a Cargo Shed that holds a 1000.00 goods. Is it possible to get this goal because i really need the Cargo Shed.Also my friends have a Best buy Statue when they received there store but i got the store with no Statue. Can you please look in to this for me?
    Regards Ruby