Cityville By Design Goals Architectural School Links

By | July 23, 2012

Lay Down The Blueprint and build architectural school in cityville by design goals! Put your city on the map by attracting the world’s top architects!


quest requirements :

mission 1 : by design goal
Ask friends for 20 Design Plans
Build 3 Space Age Houses
Collect Levels from 15 Community Buildings

design-plan level
design plans link – level link

mission 2 : school of thought goal
Upgrade an Architectural School to Level 3
Supply 30 Businesses
Collect from 5 Barcelona Cargo Plane Routes

architectural school
Architectural School material links :
calculator drafting-table graph-paper ruler t-square
calculator link – drafting table link – graph paper link – ruler link – t-square link

mission 3 : cruise control goal
Collect from a Level 5 Skyscraper 4x
Collect from 10 Caribbean Cruise Routes
Activate a Wonder 5x

reward :
Modern Art Marvel