Cityville By The Book Goals Quiz Your Friends

By | July 11, 2012

QUIZ YOUR FRIENDS start with cityville by the book goals to earn some new building! Put your city’s personality to the test by quizzing your friends and earning awesome rewards!


what city are you quests walkthrough guide + item links :
stylus-pen racing-gloves sheep
stylus pen link – racing gloves link – sheep link

checkerboard headphones vhs-tape
checkerboard link – headphones link – vhs tape link

mission 1: by the book goal
Ask friends for 10 Bookmarks
Collect from a Daily News or Web Marketing Agency
Collect 10 Stylus Pens from Businesses

mission 2: if the glove fits
Ask friends for 10 Racing Gloves
Place Classic or Electric Car
Upgrade Grand Prix

mission 3: counting sheep goal
Ask friends for 10 Sheep
Place Historic Statue or Abstract Art of the Future
Build 2 Gardens

mission 4: fair game goal
Ask friends for 15 Checkerboards
Place Drawing Kids or Dancing Kids
Upgrade High School

mission 5: record breaker goal
Ask friends for 15 Headphones
Collect from 60s Architecture House or Modern House
Upgrade Vinyl Record Shop

mission 6: movie magic goal
Ask friends for 15 VHS Tapes
Collect from Art House Theater or 3D Mega Plex
Upgrade ShowBiz TV Studio

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