Cityville By The Skin Of My Teeth Mission

By | October 26, 2011

SWEET TOOTH! Bite the bullet and make it your goal to place a Demented Dentist in your city today by doing cityville by the skin of my teeth mission! Only for a limited time!

if you are level 12+ then you will see the quest icon
GOAL: SWEET TOOTH with grooving mummies reward

click it to see the task

the requirements are really easy :
– place demented dentis
– complete demented dentist
to finish you need to ask friends for :
4 monster drill
4 city seal
4 dentist chair
4 tooth paste
4 tooth brush

– build spooky house

Where to find Spooky House in cityville ?
The Spooky House is one of the Halloween residences and can be found in the build menu. The easier way to find would be to search for “Spooky House”. Please see the image below for reference.

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