Cityville Catch Ghosts

By | October 31, 2011

Catch ghost in cityville ! If you remember the old energy bandits it works the same way, but this time you need to catching spooky ghosts to earn energy and coins!

you must be on level 10+ to get save energy mission, click the quest icon to start the mini game

and you will see the counter time when you start this goal :
you’ve got 60 seconds to catch as many ghosts as you can, also you need a road to play
the ghosts will be moving around the roads, click them to capture

as rewards you’ll get 1 energy + 30 coins for each ghosts you capture, and share the news on walls
major sparks in xxx’s town as xxx catches spooky ghosts!
xxx earned lots of energy by catching ghosts in their city!
xxx’s town is now safe until next time!

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