Cityville Chocolate Bar

By | December 24, 2010

Cityville Chocolate Bar is one of the item you will need to build gingerbread house in frontierville

chocolate bar in frontierville

build gingerbread house is one of the requirement for Frontierville Gingerbread Missions

how to get chocolate bar in cityville ?
click earn for free from frontierville chocolate bar so it will bring you to cityville

you will see this pop up in cityville :
welcome frontierville player !
once you’ve completed the tutorial and named your city, complete the “paul’s improvements” goal to earn your reward !

finish cityville paul’s improvements goal :
place 2 asphalt roads
collect from residences 5x
place 3 decorations

you will get 50 coins as reward, and it’s done ? because you won’t see any pop up or link that will take you to frontierville

try to go back into frontierville and you will see that you don’t get chocolate bar from cityville yet, now try to click ‘earn for free’ button once more that will take you into cityville

you will see 1 more goal to complete :
claim your reward !
claim your frontierville reward by clicking ‘claim reward’ button

ahh.. finally a button that contains a frontierville chocolate bar link 🙂 now you will get the chocolate bar in frontierville from cityville

good luck guys

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