Cityville City Center Links – Cityville’s Birthday Mission

By | November 22, 2011

CityVille is celebrating its birthday in cityville’s birthday mission ! Build your Cityville City Center to join in the party!

Celebrate CityVille’s birthday by completing your City Center! Holds up to 12 Community Buildings!

you need to be level 15 to get this event
Goal : Celebrate Cityville’s Birthday Timed Quest (20 days)
– Place City Center building (8×8) (no energy needed!)
– Upgrade to Level 7
– Visit 30 neighbors

tips : use the part links below to get each material faster

Reward: 5,000,000 coins for completion in 20 days


materials for city center upgrade links :

City Center Level 2
Noisemaker link
Popper link
Champagne link

City Center Level 3
Banner link
Streamers link
Balloons link

City Center Level 4
Games link
Party Favors link
Pinata link

City Center Level 5
Birthday Hat link
Cards link
Presents link

City Center Level 6
Ice Cream link
Cupcakes link
Milk link

City Center Level 7
15× Candles link
15× Frosting link
15× Cake Layers link

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